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Scorpio Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

Scorpio Horoscope 2020

The beginning of the year will give unexpected results. Keep working hard keeping your patience and patience. Panchagrahi Yoga made in wealth will strengthen the economic aspect, as well as the sum of getting casual money is being made and your money will come back, but may also have to face family discord, so do not let family disintegrate. . Avoid making wrong decisions in provocation. Shani Dev going in power with your zodiac sign will increase courage and might. Secret enemies will be defeated automatically and decisions taken by you will also be appreciated. One can also avail the best opportunity to invest in real estate. The year will definitely create a little struggle for women in the beginning, but from March-April, the graph of success will increase. Students sitting in education competition need to work hard only then you will get the expected results. If you go on avoiding conspiracy attacks in your field, then your graph of success will be more than 85 percent.

Lucky number 9

Auspicious dates - 9, 18, 27

Auspicious gems - sapphire, pearl, ruby, coral, topaz

Good color- Saffron, Red, White, Pink, Yellow Sky

Day: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Health - Avoid breathing, throat diseases, kidneys, aquatic diseases, stomach diseases and diabetes.

Career - Efforts in the field of journalism, writing, publishing, editing, teaching work, medical, property, army, police and engineering are worthwhile.

When you smile

The auspicious planetary plan that is being made in August-September will create more than one means. There will also be an opportunity for promotion in the job and receipt of new contract. The works started during this period will bring you to the peak of success. Increasing social status and unexpected success will make you smile.

January - Increase in courage and courage, but do not let differences arise with the brothers, marriage talks will be successful.

February - Good success in education and competition, despite mental disturbance, sum of purchase of house and vehicle.

March- Sum of promotion and unexpected changes in job, freedom from child related anxiety, avoid eye disorder.

April - Make full use of energy, you will be appreciated for the work you have done and the decisions taken.

May - Expansion in the field, but time adverse for romance, happiness from travel country and the sum of children.

June - Trouble with lawsuits The sum of some work interruptions, take care of health, avoid wasteful disputes and vehicle accidents.

July - External enemies will be defeated, the court court cases will be in your favor, increase ties with officials.

August - Government will get full knowledge of power, keep the plans confidential, the best results of success in education and competitions.

September- The means of income will increase; Do not give differences to the elderly; Freedom from child-related anxiety and happiness will increase.

October - Those who degrade will be defeated, but more rush and responsibility will also increase. Sum of new contracts.

November - In the beginning of the month, will run away and waste, but the end will be the best success, expansion of the field.

December - With your energy and indomitable courage, you will be able to control the difficult situation, keep the plans confidential.


Worshiping Lord Shiva, worshiping Shri Rudraabhishek with rose water, wearing coral and topaz will control the odds, if you plant any fruit tree, then the success will increase further.


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