Aquarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

September 2022
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  3. Aquarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

The transit of the Sun is predicting that you might get favor from senior authority or the government in your career. Communication and your word of mouth are going to play a vital role in the workplace and business. Helping hands from elders will be with you. There can be some challenging relationships with siblings, which need to be taken care of. The relationship with your mother will improve and strengthen during this month. You should take guidance from your mother as this may enhance your education and career. Small get together with family will rejuvenate your relationship this month. You will acquire good knowledge and indulge in the process of self-improvement during this month with your determination and a positive mindset. This month, there can be unplanned work and responsibility as well. Moreover, avoid committing if you are not sure about the fulfillment of the same. Avoid negative thoughts and unnecessary discussions with others too. You should have a proper plan for this month so that you do not get into a dilemma to get things done within a certain time frame. The transiting Sun and Ketu predict that you should avoid the excessive use of electronic gadgets, and try to regularly meditate before sleeping at night!


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