Aquarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

July 2021
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  3. Aquarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

With the influence of Saturn, Aquarius natives may continue with the same projects in hand. It may be the right time to analyze your work. An excellent month to clear backlogs and reevaluate things that may give you a good understanding of matters. Marital relationships may need to be handled with care. Be careful with your words and keep up a healthy conversation to avoid conflicts or arguments with your spouse. It may be the right time to revive your relationship. Stay away from aggression while dealing with a business partner. A miscommunication with colleagues may lead to disagreements. Some natives may change their profession. There may be chances of getting success in a job interview which may eventually give you recognition. Creativity may help you to soar to new heights on the work front. Professionally it may be a good phase but be careful while dealing with seniors and adopt the right approach as there may be a chance of disagreement. With the influence of Sun and Venus patience and hard work may give you commendable success. The Jupiter transit may bring harmony on the domestic front. Although, relationships with children may be challenging as issues related to their studies may need your attention. Stars predict you may need to spend quality time with them to understand them in a better way. Luckily the Mercury transit may make it possible for you to handle multi tasks single-handedly. Health may take a back seat as stress and dehydration may bring discomfort. Ensure you drink plenty of water or juices to cope up with the water loss.


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