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Gemini Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

Gemini Horoscope 2020

6 planets are falling on your zodiac sign, so the year is going to test your patience and patience. From the point of view of work business, time will be better, but your busyness will increase so much that it will start to affect your health. So keep this in mind, the economic side will be strong. Time is slightly unfavorable towards health. Time will be better for married life. The expectation of cooperation from the in-laws will increase and the marriage obligation will be fulfilled. If you want to apply for a job for any department of central or state government, then the circumstances will be in your favor. There will be cooperation from higher officials in the field, if you want to contest elections of any organization, the result will be pleasant and the decisions taken by you will be appreciated and there is a possibility of childbirth or growth. The impact of planetary transits will bring 80% graph of success in your life.

Auspicious number - 5

Auspicious dates - 5, 14 and 23

Auspicious gems - emerald, diamond, sapphire and turquoise

Day: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Auspicious colors- Green, Blue, Orange, Cream, Saffron, Pink, Faroese, Totia

Health- Over the years, avoid joint pain, gout, chest irritation, phlegm, back pain and infaxon on any side.

Career- Banking sectors, insurance, IT, writing, teaching, advocacy, publishing, management, trading and better in any administrative field.

When you smile

According to your zodiac sign, the planetary transits will be very favorable between July and August, due to the influence of Mercury and Venus during this period, there will be more expenditure on luxury items. The purchase of a house vehicle will also be possible. Many unexpected happy results will make you smile.

January - Be aware of health, do not let laziness arise, avoid the tendency to do today's work tomorrow, keep making decisions quickly.

February- Take care of parents' health, progress in work-business but mental stress will remain, sum of new contracts.

March - The rank and dignity will increase, do not let bitterness come in married life, avoid sharing business otherwise chances of loss.

April - Time-wise in terms of work business, success in education-competition but avoid being a victim of conspiracy in office.

May- More than one means of income will be created, enemies will be defeated, success in cases, benefit from any rich person or institution.

June- Rage may increase in nature, so control the charge, avoid court court cases, drive the vehicle carefully.

July - The sum of travel and travel will be more spent on luxury. Avoid ophthalmics. The arrival of new guests will create an atmosphere of happiness.

August - Planetary transit is very favorable, if you want to start any major business or business this month, then chances of success are highest.

September - If you want to apply for any kind of administrative service, time is favorable. Sum of profits from foreign person or companies.

October - Family disturbance will cause mental disturbance. Restrain the possibility of improvement by the end of the month as the economic side will be strong.

November - Along with the success of education and competition, you will get success in matters related to love. If you want to do love marriage also, time is favorable.

December- Improvement in planetary transit will give mixed results, avoid secret enemies, more time for students is likely to be favorable.


This year, it will be good for you to worship Shakti and Shani Dev, do charity and charity and wear emeralds. Transplanting bamboo, rosewood, mango tree will also enhance auspiciousness.


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