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Pisces Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

Pisces Horoscope 2020

Right from the beginning of the year, planetary transits are showing great opportunities for you. Creating Panchagrahi yoga in Rashwami Jupiter's karmabhav is not less than a boon for you, although there will be mental disturbance and confusion. Bhagaudar will be more, but in terms of success, the year will be paramount. There will be an expected success in the education competition, you will be appreciated for the decisions you have taken and the work done. The benefits of traveling countryside and the comfort of house and vehicle are also expected, success in cases and enemies will be defeated. Shani Dev's going in profit will create more than one means of income. This yoga will also make you enemy. Do not let differences arise with the elders or brothers of the family. If you are able to correct the implementation of the schemes, then your success graph will be above 80 percent.

Auspicious number - 3

Auspicious dates- 3,12, 21, and 30

Day: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday

Good colors - yellow, white, red, saffron and pink

Auspicious gems - topaz, pearl, coral, ruby

Health- In terms of health, you should avoid injury to stomach, kidney, gas, and feet year after year.

Career - Education, banking sectors, insurance sector, religious discourse, school-college opening, management, editing, publishing, accounting etc. are better.

When you smile

Your position and dignity will increase as a result of your auspicious planets in March-April in your karma and benefic spirit. Receipt of new contract and good relations with high officials. The auspicious effects of the planets during this period will make you smile.

January - The beginning of the year will be excellent, work plans will be fruitful, there will be more expenditure on wandering, avoid financial constraints.

February - The profit path will remain paved, will take part in the activities of religion and religion, Vijay Shree will be found in court cases.

March- The month will be excellent in terms of income, but do not get desperate, adverse to health, will be fine by the third week.

April - Along with Bhag Daud, the conspirators will try to trouble you, control your stubbornness and charge.

May- Effect will increase. If you want to apply for government service, the chances of getting new contracts are better.

June - June is the month of caution, avoid accidents, settle court cases outside, month is better in terms of income.

July- If you want to apply for travel abroad, time will be excellent, for students, sitting in the competition will give success.

August - A series of successes will continue, keeping the strategies confidential and move forward, this will increase success.

September - You can purchase any expensive item, sum of the happiness of the month-house vehicle, apply for government service.

October- The sum of child attainment or evolution, applying for education abroad will be successful, promotion in job.

November - Along with the advancement of fortune, planetary compatibility will also increase the rank and dignity, the month will be better in terms of income.

December - Courage and might and social status will increase. Sum of excess expenditure in manglic functions and religious work.


Worshiping Jupiter over the year and Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva with the juice of pomegranate will only benefit, if you can achieve good success by planting trees like mango, neem and mahua.


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