Cancer Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

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Cancer Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

Cancer horoscope 2020

For Cancer people, the effect of the year will be mixed, in terms of success, the year will be favorable, but you will be troubled by the excess of secret enemies. Your own people will secretly try to humiliate you all the time, but you will also become enemies and will destroy yourself, so do not care for them and put all your strength into work. Take full advantage of the auspicious planet transit that is being created from the month of February, using your full potential and power. You will get the pleasure of traveling abroad and traveling. The year will be great for the students, so work hard. Luxury items will be enjoyed. The time for the trader class is slightly lighter but by the end of the year the profit will increase. The vision of the Guru on Karmabhav will increase the rank and dignity, the effort being made in the direction of employment will be meaningful. So don't be desperate. Your success graph will be up to 75 percent.


Auspicious number - 2

Auspicious dates - 2,11, 20 and 29

Good day- Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

Auspicious gems - pearl, topaz and coral

Good colors- white, cream, yellow, red, orange, pink and green

Health - Be careful of heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, asthma and auto accidents year after year.

Career- Areas of Administrative Department, Navy, Shipping Department, Teaching, Sugar Mills, Astronomy, Aviation, Hotels, Better.

When you smile

According to your sign in the month of May-June, there will be a huge improvement in visible planets. Advancement in work-business and promotion in job will be possible. During this period most of your awaited work will be done. Discussion of your success in society will make you smile.

January- Planets are slightly unfavorable, take care of health, avoid secret enemies, if court cases are dealt with outside, it is better.

February - Some improvement will come, but the situation will remain the same as January. Keep your patience and patience intact. Avoid the attack of secret enemies.

March- Success will be excellent with sudden improvement in transit planet. Opportunities, success in education competition and sum of contingency money.

April - Stopped money will come, happiness of traveling country, power will increase. Avoid wasted expenses Take care of parents' health.

May - Honor will increase. The status of the post will also be worth watching. Do whatever you want during this period, you will get success.

June - Run away and run the vehicle carefully due to financial constraints. Maintain cordial relations with high officials in the field of business.

July- Increase of respect and honor, if you want to apply for service in major government establishments, then the planetary conditions will be favorable.

August- The sum of the purchase of house vehicle along with luxury items. Complete the task by keeping your strategies confidential.

September - Courage and valor will increase. Stopped money will be the best in terms of success too. Have a good relationship with brothers.

October - Changes in the planetary transit will relieve child-related anxiety. The sum of progeny or evolution for newlyweds.

November - Money will be held in friends and relatives. Sum of promotion in the job and getting new contracts. The obstacle of traveling abroad will be overcome.

December - Make full use of energy, courage and courage will increase, you will be more successful in yoga, education and competition for new service.


Offering water to Shiva daily, chanting the mantra 'Namah Shivaya', wearing Rudraksh and imposition of Banyan and Peepal trees will relieve all suffering.


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