Leo Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

04 Dec 2022 - 10 Dec 2022
  1. Rashifal Adda
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Leo Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

Individuals who are holding the Leo sign are likely to face challenges in their marriage life. Those who are willing to get married may need to postpone the wedding dates. Or some of you may have marriage delays this week. Married natives may have time to build long-lasting relations with their life partners. Regarding your professional life, job seekers may receive a suitable job offer from big companies. Your efforts to get a new job prospect may bring positive results. It seems to be a productive and satisfactory week for lawyers and other legal professionals. In terms of investments, this would be a perfect time for those of you who are associated with the share market. However, be well-informed and take calculative steps in order to have financial gains. There are chances of hitting a lottery, as well. Leo students may aim higher to achieve their goals. With the support and guidance of their family and mentors, they may get motivated to perform better academically. This seems to be an extremely favourable time for sportspersons. They may embrace upcoming challenges and emerge victoriously. They are likely to win competitions and create new benchmarks for youngsters. You may continue to see growth in your professionalism. Any business trips undertaken during this time are likely to turn out to be productive. You would be successful at engaging new clients and your profit margin may improve.


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