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Libra Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

Libra horoscope 2020

For Libra people, the year will give a slight slow effect, although the successes will be more and more but only after waiting. Visions on the fate of the Guru will make fortune advancement and travel abroad. This nectar vision will pave the way for you to do import-export trade. This year is also excellent from the point of view of applying for service in a foreign person or company. Shani Dev's auspicious effects and vision will prove to be a boon for you, but pay special attention to the health of the parents and protect them from getting stolen in the journey. The purchase of a house vehicle is also going to be done, other concerns related to land property will also be removed. If you want to send children for foreign studies, then the decision will be good if you decide soon. For the new couple, the sum of child attainment or evolution is being formed, social prestige will increase, the year will also give good success to the female class after stress. Your success graph will be above 75 percent.

Auspicious number - 6

Auspicious dates- 6,15 and 24

Auspicious gems - diamond, emerald, pearl and turquoise

Good color - white, cream, green, blue, black, jamunia

Day: Friday, Saturday, Wednesday

Health - Avoid eye disorders, stomach disease, joint pain, diabetes, heart disease, and ax problems throughout the year.

Career - Make efforts in the field of Administrative Services, Medical, Hotels, Aviation, Auto sectors, Banking, Insurance, Shipping, Gas and Oil.

When you smile

According to your zodiac sign in July-August, the auspiciousness of planetary transits will increase. Vijayshree will be involved in whatever decision you take. Court courts will get rid of cases. Try to get rid of government related concerns. During this period, along with your courage and valor, also make full use of energy power. The graph of your success will increase so much that you will be settled even when you smile.

January - Utilize energy power, will make decisions successful, promotion in job, sum of casual money.

February - The order of successes will continue, if differences with brothers increase, do not encourage it, the sum of getting married and children.

March- The sum of land-property and vehicle-related happiness, the sum of foreign travel will also be supported by the government.

April - Concerns regarding the receipt of contract and children will be overcome, financial constraints due to higher expenditure, better for business.

May - A slightly unfavorable time for health, but enemies will be defeated in your favor, benefit from business.

June - Cooperation and honors from high officials, success in travel and yoga, education competition.

July - There will be full support of the government, the status and dignity will increase, but do not let bitterness come in married life.

August- Students and competitors can travel to other cities for studies, apply for government service.

September - Avoid eye disorder, strapped with excess expenditure, happiness of governance, sum of cooperation from senior officials.

October- Focus on physical pain and health, fame will increase due to philanthropy, opportunities for travel and mangal work.

November - Excellent time in terms of work-business, expected success in education-competition, promotion in job.

December - Increase of courage and might, only those who are inferior will cooperate, the sum of child attainment or growth.


Worshiping Shiva year after year, doing Panchamrit or Rudrabhishek with milk will be very beneficial for you, it will reduce all the planets and if you plant vine, mango and peepal trees, you will get more benefits.


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