Pisces Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

28 Feb 2021 - 06 Mar 2021
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  3. Pisces Weekly Horoscope & Predictions
Pisces Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

This week, try to keep a positive outlook and be in the company of positive people. The motion of the planets predicts that negative thoughts can result in depression and health problems. You are advised not to get into a new relationship this week, try to give a little time to understand each other. In addition, there may be a sudden change in the workplace or the possibility of a job change. However, do not make any change in the job due to aggression. In addition, there may be some unforeseen challenges related to trade. If you are in foreign-related business or import and export business then this week may not be favorable for making any major changes in the business plan. If you are in wholesale business then there is a possibility of sudden financial gain this week. Additionally, in-laws and small gatherings in the house can accompany you, which can give you happiness. For students, it can be a challenging week. Study can lead to a detachment that can cause stress and aggression in your behavior. Get a helping hand from your mentor and sibling in your studies. Also, try to complete all pending tasks this week. This will make things easier for you. Meditation is very helpful for giving a hassle-free and peaceful week.


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