Virgo Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

December 2022
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Virgo Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

You would be well assisted by the planets at the start of this month so that you can make good progress in your career. However, as the month progresses, it seems to be a difficult time for you. There could be some new tasks that would put your skills and patience to the test during the latter half of this month. As the month progresses, work may expand, turnover would increase, and you would eventually achieve profit. Better financial circumstances may prompt you to purchase luxuries you have long desired. The middle of this month would be highly volatile and bright, particularly in terms of finances. Make the most of any opportunity to strengthen your financial position. During this month, there is a chance that some intense feelings may surface. Without being pessimistic, express them in the most gentle, caring, and fantastic way possible. As the month progresses, it may infuse you with new energy and bring you peace and warmth. Fortunately, you would be able to regroup your thoughts in the second half of the month. You may begin to experience the feelings of love and affection. Your thoughtful and astute decisions may allow you to make good academic progress. However, as the month progresses, you would be unable to concentrate on your studies. The time begins from middle of this month indicates a favourable phase for your studies. This month may inspire you to think positively and lead to a better state of health. As the month progresses, the positive effect is likely to assist you in resolving any current health issues and grow healthy stamina.


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