Aries Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

December 2022
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Aries Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

The transit of planets indicates that you should exercise caution when making financial decisions. Try to get professional advice. There may be opportunities to obtain financial assistance from in-laws. However, the transit of Rahu and Sun indicates that you would not make easy money and suffer financial loss due to a wrong decision. Many of you who are planning to enrol in research-related subjects would be successful due to the transit of Mercury and Venus. Students may achieve success if they take a foreign language course or learn new skills. Before making a presentation, professionals should work on their projects and do proper research and study. Short-distance travel is needed for your work, and a significant deal would be finalised this month. Because of the unfavourable planet passage, health should be prioritised. There is a good chance that you would not be able to get a good night's sleep. This month, you must prioritise your fitness. Weak immunity can result in a sudden fever or cold. Cold drinks should be avoided. You can experience indigestion at any time. Maintain a balanced diet and avoid fast food, which can cause stomach pain. You must offer some space to your love partner so that mutual understanding can develop. Don't make your partner work the way you want them to; this domineering attitude may cause a rift in a love relationship. With the transit of Venus and the Sun, there might be an unexpected marriage proposal. Some of you may receive an unexpected proposal from an ex-love partner. Many of you who are drawn to people of the same sex may have the opportunity to spend quality time together.


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