Cancer Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

21 Apr 2024 - 27 Apr 2024
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  3. Cancer Weekly Horoscope & Predictions
Cancer Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

There can be some monetary gains and the savings might be according to your expectations. You might make a good living from the business you are doing, and those who work as self-employed individuals may also make a profit financially from their clients. There may be a delay in some of you receiving financial assistance from your family, so patience is required. There can be certain mental conflicts with a romantic partner. Ego conflicts in the marriage or having too high of expectations for your partner might strain the bond. Taking on new tasks before submitting the existing ones is something that Ketu and Moon advise against. It's important to put forth your best effort this week since your name might be raised for the new position as a leading team leader. Jupiter and Rahu advise avoiding trying to make hasty decisions or becoming involved in workplace conflicts. This week Sun may support you to have the guidance and help of the most qualified and trusted senior and parenting experts. Some of you may hold a different perspective from your parents' or elders', which might make it difficult for you to decide whether to apply for the desired enrolled courses.


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