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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

In the year 2021, there is a possibility of bringing many surprises for the people of Sagittarius. This year there is something for all age groups that will please one and all. Prosperity, success and fortune are likely to manifest throughout the year to please all classes of people of this zodiac. Even education and higher studies are impressive and fulfilling. As the year progresses, you will realize that luck and divine grace are here to stay.

The first four months of the year will be spent planning your activities. The energy level will be high and so is your enthusiasm. You will like to be careful in your action and will leave no stone unturned. The impact of good planning and execution will be seen for the remaining eight months of 2021.

This is also the right stage to expand your social circle. You will be in competition to meet new people and even new friends. Connection with new friends will be beneficial in the coming days. Even more, if looking for that one special person who can please your heart and heart. It is more likely to fall in love with such a special person within the beginning of the first three months.

With Saturn in the second house of income and family, you will see the right balance of both. Work will find interesting because your work will directly increase income. This will give you a better status in the society and you will be proud of your achievements in your career.

Students pursuing mass media academically or planning to pursue it can successfully get their enrollment in prestigious institutes of the world. This will make you recognize that you have been working for a very long time. The year is also good for students planning to pursue a masters program in metallurgy. If someone is writing a thesis on the subject, your search will be appreciated and even honored.

Business and professional excellence will come with a delay. It only states a delay but not a denial. The initial three months, will see some reviews of your previous work. This will involve brainstorming and even identify new avenues to explore business. Make sure that your business plan is correct and flawless as the rest of the year will see the maximum time in the implementation of your plan.

Health and Fitness. As the zodiac nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are free from affiliation, the year will be more progressive in relation to health and fitness. You will be conscious of your diet and fitness and this will be reflected in your regular activities. Good sleep with less mental stress and will make you more stable and fit emotionally.

Money and property will see an increase in finance through various sources. Income and expenditure will see a function of balancing your finances. Especially in business or self-employment. The combination of Saturn and Jupiter is ideal to help you take the most of your time to analyze your ideals and confirm its viability. Try to complete this exercise before April 2021 to get the best deal in negotiations. Chances are high that you can easily convince a financial institution of your steady payment track record to enjoy a good deal.

The native may plan to tie the knotty knot to each other for a long time. This will be a year with many ups and downs. With the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius around April 2021, the possibility of postponing any wedding plan is seen. There is a possibility of silly arguments or reasons that may lead to temporary separation, only to get a patch-up later. Although you can easily patch-up, the response will take time until the end of August 2021. Ego conflict should ideally be restricted around this stage.


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