Leo Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

August 2022
  1. Rashifal Adda
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  3. Leo Monthly Horoscope & Predictions
Leo Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

You will be determined to get rid of the hovering cloud of stagnation during this month. The positive impact of Saturn and Jupiter may make you passionate about performing better, making way to move in your pursuit to surge ahead. The transiting Mercury may make you restless about the current state of affairs in your professional and career domain. But, you must keep cool and adopt a methodical way to move ahead. Have patience, and you shall get encouraging exposure to showcase your talents during the latter part of this month. The stars are in your favor, so, it will be a good idea to invest money productively during the latter part. If you intend to buy a residential place, the planets seem supportive of this count. The impact of Venus may help you to have harmony in your love life. You may also receive a proposal or intention of interest as the month progresses. If you are already in a love relationship and committed, you may surely get support from your mate. Although, in the beginning, there can be some disruptions in your studies. Your performance may improve gradually, but your results may remain below your expectations until the middle of this month. Your prospect will get better as the month progresses. There may be some unknown stress on your mind and that might make you feel somewhat uncomfortable with your health and energy levels but, you may have a gradual improvement in your fitness levels.


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