Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

May 2024
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  3. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions
Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope & Predictions

As the month begins, your love life will go smoothly. The combined impact of Venus and Mars will provide stability and passion. The Goddess of love, Venus indicate that this new love will be found this month. The impact of Jupiter may provide you with luck in your social life. You will have a good inflow of finances. But as the month advances expenses will increase. Despite that, money won’t be much of an issue as you are likely to have a very profitable time during this month. Due to the blessings of Jupiter, you will be seeing more money in your bank account than usual. Try to avoid temptation for speculations and easy money as much as you can as the impact of Nodes will be misleading. You may have ample planetary support to make progress in your profession. But as the month advances, the impact of the North node may make your task challenging. Though you will be doing well with all your dedication, obstacles are likely to come seemingly out of nowhere during the latter half of this month. However, the ending phase of this month can be a good to focus on making new business associations/tie ups. You may have great support of Jupiter for matters related to your education. But, as the month advances the impact of Nodes is going to bring in a lot of disturbances. The planets may inspire you to work hard during the latter half of this month. Your hard work may bring rich dividends and your performance may improve quite significantly. The impact of stars will remain favourable for your health during this month. As you will be working a lot, your health may suffer slightly due to stress and fatigue, indicates Saturn. Your health should be in good shape during the ending part of this month.


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