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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope & Predictions

Capricorn Horoscope 2020

Year will be mixed for Capricorn people. From the month of January, your zodiac sign Saturn will transit your own house in Capricorn and Jupiter will remain in the expenditure price, as a result the income and expenditure figures will remain equal. There will be more expenditure on religious and mangal works as well as travel abroad. Good opportunities of profit will come from a foreign person or institution. The arrival of new guests in the family will keep the atmosphere happy. The auspicious effect of the auspicious occasion of Venus will get the settlement done in matters related to your central or state government. In the middle of this period, if you want to take any benefit from the government, then the opportunity will be the best. This year will be the best for women, because their auspicious transit will be better. For the students, the year will take some difficult examinations, so only if you focus more and more on studying, you will get the expected success. Time is relatively better for business. Your success graph is going to be up to 80 percent.

Auspicious number - 8

Auspicious dates - 8, 17 and 26

Auspicious gemstone - Sapphire Pearl and Diamond

Auspicious colors- green, blue, white, jamunia and black.

Day: Saturday, Wednesday, Friday.

Health - Avoid gas, acidity, cervical, joint pain, blood pressure, sugar as well as heart disease.

Career- Try luck in the field of cement, iron, petroleum, department, teaching and agriculture departments, steel, oil, gas, transport department.

When you smile

According to your zodiac sign in November-December, there is going to be a huge reshuffle in the planets, in the middle of this period some such totals will be formed as a result of which the graph of your successes will increase. Relatives will praise you by being impressed by the success that will make you smile.

January - Planetary transit will be favorable, will be spent on luxury related matters, suitable time to apply for government service.

February - The sum of buying a house and vehicle, the worry of children will be removed, while embarking on your plans, keep working.

March- Courage and courage will increase, decisions taken will also be appreciated, the month will be good in terms of success.

April - Enemies will be defeated, yet keep control of your stubbornness and finalize the work, avoid debt transactions.

May - Do not let the tension in the family increase, take care of the health of the parents, sweetness in married life, the sum of getting children.

June - There will be tension in the beginning, but improvement from the second week, you will be able to control quickly even on odd circumstances.

July - Those who try to degrade will be defeated, people will consider your courage and patience iron, month is better for business.

August- Diligence will be more but profit will be less, avoid wasteful disputes, it will be better if the court takes out cases.

September - Changes in transiting planets will make more expenditure on luxury items, purchase of vehicles and vehicles.

October - Benefits of traveling abroad or traveling, promotion in job, benefit from a well-to-do person or institution.

November - Governance will get full pleasure of power, maintain good relations with high officials, disputed works will be settled.

December - Success in education and competition, will fulfill the responsibility of children, sum of promotion in the job and getting new contracts.


Worshiping Shani Dev, burning near the Peepal tree, doing charity on Saturday and implanting Ashoka, Arju, Shami and Peepal trees will reduce the troubles caused by planetary defects.


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