Virgo Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

04 Dec 2022 - 10 Dec 2022
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Virgo Weekly Horoscope & Predictions

Those natives carrying the Virgo sign may need efforts going to the new week. Professional workers tend to have a busy schedule and can expect more responsibilities at their offices. Natives who are running their own businesses may find more challenges. However, you may find a stable income, which could be the result of your hard works. Also, you need more effort to impress your clients. People associated with real estate businesses are likely to meet their expectations. Planetary transits indicate that you may carry good fortune these days. Working individuals may need to deal with unexpected obstacles popping up in the mid-week. You may get an opportunity to boost your financial strength. Those who are already in a relationship may need to adjust to temperamental disturbance with their partner. You may understand the equations of your relationship and are likely to accept adjustments to build a strong base for the future. This week shows a favourable phase for your studies. In the latter part, you may realise the importance of focusing on your life goals. You may feel much more relaxed around the weekend. Though your energy levels may remain good this week, you may at times face uncomfortable situations around the middle of the week. This phase may help you bring normalcy to your health. Kids may need to take care by avoiding outside food. Elders who are suffering from bad health may find the recovery path.


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