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Paison kee tangee door karate hain ye 5 chamatkaarik ratn, dhan-sampada mein hotee hai barakat

Every person desires that he should never face any problem of money and should always be with mother Lakshmi. Many times, even after working hard, the money does not stop and money is spent unnecessarily. Many remedies related to money or money have been mentioned in Ratna Shastra. There are some such gems in the Ratna Shastra which are believed to increase wealth and prosperity by wearing them. Know about such gems-

1. Golden Gem-

According to Ratna Shastra, one ...

Sinh raashi ke jaatak sooryadev ko arpit karen: Jane kya hai aaz ki rashiyon ka haal

Grahon kee sthiti mangal mesh raashi mein hain. Shukr aur raahu mithun raashi mein hain. Soory aur budh sinh raashi mein hain. Guru aur ketu dhanu raashi mein hain. Chandrama aur shani makar raashi mein hain. Mangal mesh raashi mein bane hue hain. Shani aur chandrama ke yog ko vishayog kahate hain lee‍kin shani choonki vakree hain isalie s‍pash‍ta vishayog yah nahin banega. Guru aur shani vakree gati se chal rahe hain. Mangal aur soory s‍vagrahee chal rahe hain. Grahon kee sthiti madh...


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